Growing Weed In A Soil Mix Indoors

For plants,  seeds  or clones, we use a mix of  the 2.8 cubic feet size bag of Pro-Mix,  32 quarts (2 large bags) of Black Gold (worm compost) and about 4 quarts of Perlite.

We tried using a famous name brand for our soil but we are still fighting the bugs that came with it. We lost one complete grow to  wingless thripes and they are still around. We added a new nutrient containing higher levels of silicon and potassium which gives us a tougher leaf making it hard for the thripes to bite into the leaves.

Right now they are under control and our plants are fantastic.

We started using Black Gold by accident. We wanted to order organic worm castings from a worm guy in Southern Ohio but didn’t want to wait to have them shipped so we had to use Black Gold,  a compost and available in most stores. Many people comment about it; not 100% worm castings or it’s not organic etc…but they are wrong. Black Gold is organic and it has worked out so well there is really no reason to change. We have absolutely no nutritional problems with our plants using this soil mix along with our nutrient schedule.

Before the soil and nutrient mix we use, we always had deficiencies, and we could tell just looking at our leaves. Now, all our plants are lush, green, and full with dense, heavy buds that are as sticky as glue.

Mixing your soil indoors can be a challenge so try some of these tips:

  • Start with spreading a small tarp on the floor.
  • Open your bag of Pro-Mix and slowly empty the bag in the middle of the tarp.
  • Use a spray bottle and spray water on to keep the dust down.
  • Add about 4 quarts of perlite than add 16 quarts of Black Gold.
  • Mix it up and it’s ready to use.
  • Optional: hang a few, yellow, sticky pest strips above your open mix for a day or two to catch pests.

This mix as well as the nutrients we use can be used to start seeds, clones or transplanting.

Be careful when watering your plants; too much or too little will affect your plants in a number of negative ways.

I would love to read your comments or answer your questions. Please leave them below.

Thank You!