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I used 25 pound bags of dirt the first time I tried growing inside. That's one of my first mistakes and I've made dozens more. It took quite a few crops over the course of a few years to hone down my skills and now I know my "Growing Your Own At Home System" will be exactly what you need to grow your own weed at home. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have. Most posts have a comment section and I check them several times each day. Thanks for coming over, come back any time.

So Much Talk about a Plant

Is Marijuana Really This Complicated? It's hard for me to understand why so many politicians and others (Prohibitionists) who think along the same lines are afraid of marijuana. Do you need a vote to legalize something that is sold in the Black Market and has been for over 40 years? • we're not talking [...]

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Ohio Pot Legalization-Huge Disappointment

After about 48 years of on and off marijuana use, which makes me a criminal in the state of Ohio, I'm ready to move to a state where it's legal. The discussion about marijuana legalization is so profoundly idiotic and politically influenced, I'm embarrassed for the people who believe marijuana should still be illegal; [...]

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Truthful Facts About Growing Marijuana Indoors

It Takes Longer Than You Think This is the first in a series of articles I'm calling; Truthful Facts About Growing Pot Indoors. I'll be posting them over the next few weeks. I love to read your comments and answer questions. Please use the comment section after each page or article.  Thanks!! It's a [...]

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Are Smaller Pots Better For Growing Pot Inside

The UN-scientific results are in; smaller pots produce decent sized buds. Even though we recommend 5-7 gal pots for awesome plants with big root systems and huge buds and yields, not everyone has the space for them inside so we did a small grow using a 2-1/2 gal pot. The yellow pot is a [...]

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Best Thing About Running Out of Weed

Best Thing About Running Out of Weed   Of course, at my age and circumstances, I would rather be high all the time, but there is one positive from running out of weed.   First off, I don’t suggest anyone stay high all the time. It’s a personal decision and one you have to be [...]

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LED Lights and Weed-New Opinion

LED's for growing weed; the jury is back in with their decision. I've been growing weed a long time. I hate to admit it but my first crop grown outside was in the early 1970's. It was pretty good but I ruined it letting the plants dry in plastic bags in a shed in [...]

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Washington State’s First Legalized Weed Report

I-502 Evaluation Plan and Preliminary Report on Implementation   The State of Washington finalized it's September 2015 evaluation report on legalized marijuana. You can download the report with the link below or open it up and read it right here.           Washington's population:  7,062,000 Ohio's population: 11,590,000 Washington's gross sales June [...]

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Legalized Weed in Ohio

Ohio ISSUE 3 How Will You Vote?   Let’s put everything about Issue 3 on the table for a couple of minutes except the investors sponsorship because that appears to be the biggest problem and something we should discuss. But first, let’s skip ahead 2 years and pretend Issue 3 failed and in 2016 another [...]

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